Here’s an inspirational story from one of our longest serving agents, Zack…….

I have been a coach for my local Mixed Ability Rugby team for 4 years. I was originally the skills and backs coach, but in 2023 I was promoted to Head Coach.

Mixed Ability Rugby is a game which is open to anybody who likes to play rugby no matter what their ability. We have a range of players, from older players who want to continue playing the game, players returning to or playing rugby for the first time and people with physical or mental disabilities.

Mixed Ability has a few changes to the standard rugby game to allow all players to be included. In 2021, we participated in the International Mixed Ability World Cup, and the team came out winners of the Plate portion of the tournament.

The team has gone from strength to strength and is currently 4th in the league table for Mixed Ability sides in the World and currently the highest ranked English team. It has been rewarding to coach the team and seeing the players grow in confidence week on and off the field.