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“Hi – I don’t know if this is the right email but I just wanted to say thank you to one of your agents. His name was Neil and he was very friendly. He made me feel at ease when speaking about my debt amount. Neil, if you see this, thank you for making the process so easy. I’m sure in your profession you get some characters who are unkind due to their personal circumstances making them so and unjustly taking it out on you. I’ve worked in call centres before and I know it can, at times, be hard to set feelings aside. Sometimes you get advisors who take their past calls out on us and I just appreciate that you were so nice either way. I’m sorry for the extra work but I probably will ask for you in future. I hope you have a good day sir.”


“Oriel were chasing me due to an error by one of their clients. When I called, they speedily cancelled the arrears and raised a query with their client. Helpful, polite and efficient.”


“I have just spoke to a man regarding my debt, what a lovely person, thank you for being so understanding, I’m blown away by how nice he was to me, credit to your firm for having such good honest, decent human beings on the pay-roll – thanks for making my day


“I am writing to congratulate Oriel Collections on your excellent customer services support that I received from two of your employees, Andy and Stuart. I cannot thank Andy and Stuart enough for their excellent customer service skills in dealing with the situation and how they were able to assure me that there is nothing further for me to be concerned about. Both Andy and Stuart have dealt with this in the most professional way.

Thank you once again for the excellent customer service I have received from both Andy and Stuart they are a credit to your company.”


I would just like to extend my thanks and gratitude to you for sorting this out. After having spoken to a number of people who weren’t very helpful at all and it felt like I was being rushed off the call speaking to them it was refreshing to speak to you someone who took the time to speak to me and confirm to me my email address which has been the issue all along, down side of having an unusual name spelling 🙂 

Having worked in a call centre previously I know how demanding and pressured the work load can be so thank you for taking your time with me. I know people are quick to complain but If you could forward this on to you manager so that they can see how much of a great asset to their team you are I think you deserve it.


“Thank you! This is a HUGE weight off my mind. Thank you again, for your unswerving patience, understanding and compassion. 

If there is a way to report to your employer,  the enormity of relief,  that I’m now experiencing from my previous situation, as a result of your advocacy and negotiation on my behalf, please take these words and convey them. “


Me and my husband have just spoke to a member of your team tand we wanted to provide some feedback on the service the advisor gave us.

We spoke with Stuart and he was professional and very helpful. Stuart helped arrange a payment plan that suited us. He is a credit to your company and he really made us feel as if he was helping us and not just from a debt collection company pushing to claim money back for clients.

Please feed this back to Stuart as he deserves some recognition for how helpful he is and the service he gives to his customers.

I never thought I’d say this but dealing with your debt collection company was one of the best customer service experiences we have had!


“I have had to change my opinion on Oriel. After numerous calls to my office I decided to contact them. They are not a scam agency and I would suggest that if you are getting a call to call them back. I spoke to a young man called Owen who was very kind and put the debt on hold until I have had a chance to speak to my accountant and have sorted it out.”


“Good morning,

I wish to inform you of the excellent Customer Service experience I received from one of your agents, Douglas Stokes. 

An account had been passed to yourselves by Virgin Media in my name, which was an account fraudulently set up in my name. I had previously been contacted by yourselves with regards to this matter and was told that it would be looked in to.

This time, I spoke to Douglas, who came across as very friendly and understanding and was able to assist in getting this matter resolved with Virgin.

Situations such as mine are very distressing for the person involved and after speaking to him I felt reassured that the matter would be sorted. He is a credit to your company.”